Date: 5/11/2017

By mudfish

I went on holidays with 2 of my mates, dont know who they were, but we went to this little town. I think i was still in school, but either way i kept running into these 2 people. One guy and one girl, brother and sister about my age. They were so annoying, like they were always clearly joking about me but never out loud. There were times when i would hit the guy or when i would take the girls folder and rip pages out all over the place, but they never seemed like they really cared. They always had the last laugh though, like one time i left my phone on a table, came back to it bent and smashed. I ended up going to a party or something and both of them were there along with an asian guy (zach dempsey from 13 reasons) and a few of his friends, i find out that the asian is their older brother, which didnt make sense because the guy was white as can be and the girl was either hispanic or Hawaiian or something, which didnt make sense either. It seemed like everyone had mad respect for this older brother but i couldnt have cared less. Everyone was calling him Snowflake, idk it was weird. next thing i remember is I'm friends with the boy and girl now and we're heading to their house or something. They tell me their dad adopts a lot of kids, they have like 4 brothers and sisters, including snowflake. I remember having to meet him, he was actually really nice and i regretted hitting his brother, who i believe was named Daughter. The girls name was Hayley maybe, or something similar. Snowflake found out about what happened between his siblings and i and he said it needed to be settled. He pulled out about 15 swords and threw them on a table. I was fairly against it, like I'd become Daughter's friend, i didnt want to fight him let alone kill him. But Daughter looked at me and said "i think that i should tell you... the fight starts now." and he reached for a sword, as did i. He picked up one, i picked up many, i held him off for a while, for some reason 2 guys behind me had swords and started attacking me so i turned around and cut them down, dropping a lot of the swords doing so(it turns out they didnt die or get injured. they just laid down.) then i turned my attention back to Daughter who for some reason was fencing with Snowflake, but not before i cut his back and his arm, then he turned around and i brought my sword down on top of his head. A part of my sword broke off and was planted in Daughter's head. Snowflak called a stop to the fight and made sure his brother was okay, he turned to me and said "dont worry, they're hollow swords" which i guess meant they could harm? i dont know. But after checking on Daughter, Snowflake examined the sword I'd used to finish the fight. I was all misshapen and beat up. "It's Dented," he said "Dent." He took the sword with him, everyone who had watched the fight, even Daughter started cheering and chanting "DENT! DENT! DENT!" I guess thats what my name was now. After adding my name to a list of other names in this clubhouse, i was finally ready to go to bed. I'd spent most of the night with Hayley and had really fallen for her. I asked her what her nickname from the club was and she told me the rules, so when you finish your trial, you'll be given a name related to something in the trial. For me it was a dented sword, but you can add to it. for instance, Snowflake was only given Snow, but he added flake because he wanted to. She didn't tell me why she was given the name Goblin, but she named herself Tiny Goblin (its worth noting that this name is associated with my irl gf.) Whilst setting up my sleeping bag, we had kissed for the first time. later that night, sleeping on the floor, i thought i felt someone touch me. At first i thought Hayley had snuck into my sleeping bag, but when i turned over i saw not only Hayley but Daughter, Snowflake, my 2 friends and a couple of others who had been on the list in the clubhouse. I asked what they were doing but no one answered, only Snowflake leant forward and lit a fuse, he said "sorry man, its revenge." They all sprinted away from the lit fuse, as i tried to but i was still half asleep, i made it about 10 steps away before i heard a firecracker go off. Lights turned on and everybody started laughing, including me. They were all throwing stuff in celebration, forming a circle around me. I fell to my knees. "Goblin, you do the honours" said Snowflake. Hayley stood in front of me and said "You are now officialy initiated into the club," everyone cheered and clapped. "And now we're engaged." i got to my feet picked hayley up and kissed her a million times. I hugged snowflake and Daughter Shortly after that i woke up.