Adventure time?

Date: 2/9/2019

By Lunoire

Again, I can't recall the whole dream, only a portion. But the gist is that my family and I are celebrating in our ancestral home(which I've never been to or am familiar with irl) when a bunch of evil elementals. At first they look like chibis suddenly landing on our roofs. They are strong, and are bullys, but we call on elementals of our own to counter. The first elemental was defeated by our counter of sand. The next elemental is a giant with long, wispy, crimp-ish hair, and allied with light. Her power is linked to her hair, and we counter with humidity. Our humidity element is a tall, thin, male ballet/contemporary dancer. She doesn't believe at first so when she whips her hair at him, he touches her hair it turns white, dull, and lifeless. He only lets go when all that's left of her blond hair is a mohawk on top of her head. He could've finished it off but took pity on her. She shrank but ran after him. The POV of this scene is now First person, since the ballet dancer was introduced, I was in him. I danced away from her, into rooms that exited into hallways and then into other rooms. I successfully evaded her until she almost ambushed me at the end of an external hallway/long balcony. I could see the top of her mohawk. I stopped at the middle and woke myself up.