scary sci-fi shit

Date: 1/25/2017

By pea-p0d

Me and this other guy were planning to go on a boat to somewhere and I had a giant fear of boats. The boat was more like a prison it has little holes for each person to fit through and sit down. After getting on we saw that this one lady runs the boat and so we talked to her for a bit. Later she leaves and all of a sudden it starts going dark and the huge passage we came in through shuts. A giant metal room forms and the room fills up with water really quickly. All of a sudden we were all drowning and everyone started swimming up but it felt like it was a never ending swim, it just kept going up and up. Finally when I felt like I was about to pass out, I saw that there were small holes at the top of the metal water room for each person to get out. However not everyone made it, only a few did. At the end when we reached the top of the metal room and got out the ceiling of the metal room was taken out and the rest of the survivors and I had to see the dead bodies of the people that didn't make it floating on the water. This was all a weird experiment to see which one of us were the strongest and they were talking about putting the few that survived into another test to see who the strongest sole survivor would that I think about it this dream was kind of like the hunger games a little bit.