Date: 5/18/2017

By kaizerspirit

Some bus then with Vidas. I'm standing and trying to continue the journey but I don't know why I'm standing. Some woman nearby and I say some mean things. She seems offended. We get to a train station but I remember I need to give isab a charger but her house is near by but if I walk I won't make the train. We queue for a ticket and uncle pang and family are in front of us. Try to ask for the time from the Indian at the counter, but it comes out unclear, I ask again but it's unclear as well. I try to take some coins from the counter but it's not really coins and it's sort of attached to various things there. I go to the foyer and look through my bag and there's the charger. My battery is low and I'm not sure if isab needs it but I promised that I would return it and I scared she got no charger. I call an uber but it's uber taxi. At first a beat up one shows up, i think it's Sal driving but it's not my ride. It's cool looking though, like a modified Indian taxi that looks different, mine comes and it's a classic black London cab but longer. Some older Chinese man driving.