Of Special Forces and Flite Test...

Date: 9/22/2019

By AJacobs

Dreaming of Special Forces and Flite Test... So firstly, I think this dream had a special forces theme somewhat often at least earlier on. There was a long bit at night around this dark rocky landscape, next to a harsh crashing ocean too. There were stories told which someone played out in front of me, even though it happened long ago. Mainly, Kyle S. told us of how his father died to the water. I saw it happen from a distance. Then on the land part it wasn't exactly inviting either. It looked like a barren black landscape of jagged rocks. Like an alien landscape (or just a volcanic one, like the rock fields of Peleliu, I just watched The Pacific). I remember (facing inland) to the left was a large drop off, though that does not really make sense unless to ocean was dammed up. There were also these coin things. I actually was talk and/or-ish texting Eva asking what was on the other side because I just remembered the side that had a scorpion on it. She made some comment about how I'd think militarily and remember the scorpion; meanwhile, she had only remembered what was on the other side, though she never ended up saying what it was. Later, I was inside a building with light, nothing scary. I don't know if it was actually Flite Test staff or just implied. Someone was basically testing a 2 or 2.5 foot wingspan sport plane on the ground. Its body was mostly white and it had large black segmented control surfaces. The ailerons went like all the way across the wings and were wider near the middle. The wing might've been flexible or segmented as well. If you pulled the stick to one direction and then quickly changed it to the opposite. The plane would basically flap its wing and roll with one pointed to the sky. It was like trying to high five something with its wing and was really funny. It was actually done on accident at first, and then done again because it was fun. It was the highlight of that plane... Finally, I became one of the antagonists or something. People in a black SUV wearing black and red clothes (they may have been present at combat stuff I forgot near the start of the dream.) I think there were two guys up front, the guy I was experiencing in the second row of seats (may one other), and then three women in the third row. There was talking, I don't really remember it. The person I was watching/being/experiencing then got up, turned back, and kissing the middle woman in the back. The woman on the right made harsh comments like, "Not again..." I woke up and had jizzed my underwear... a bunch... that hasn't happened in a long time.