My dream

Date: 3/1/2017

By spacing out girl

Well I was in Chicago taking care of my nephew in this building with an awesome view which makes me see everything more than it supposed to but anyways I was taking care of nephew and then I see a weird looking plane with something on it then It drops this little things and when they land they exploded and lucky they werent close to where I was I grab my nephew and tell him we have to go and he see that I look scared so he gets scared too we take an elevator all the way down I tried calling everyone I know but I don't get an answer and people are freaking and pushing so I carry my nephew and people are getting out of their cars and running the other way where the explosions aren't going and for some odd reason i knew who was doing this it was the french and they are trying to kill as many people they can and they are trying to find me when people get out the car I go inside of one of them and tell my nephew to get in and he says "you don't know how to drive." and I say I know so put ur seatbelt on and he does what i tell him I just want to make sure he okay and we go to where my sister works because I want my nephew to be with my sister then with me since I'm getting hunted down and I look up to see if their was anymore planes like that their wasn't any planes but their were drones and one of them was following me and it had a bomb on it so I told my nephew to hang on to something very tight and he did and I pushed the gas pedal and the drone dropped the bomb and it exploded but I got out of their on time then I went to my sister job and I asked where she was and she was in the corner crying and I said "Brisa come on we don't have much time aiden needs you right now!" and she said okay and she gets in the car and I drive them to somewhere safe and the FBI and the military were their they were making sure everyone was okay I dropped them off and said stay here and my sister said "where are you going?" I said they are looking for me and if I stay here they are going to kill all these people including You and I don't want to risk that so I'm going away and she said "here." and she gave me a gun I said "where did you get this?" she said my work we use that gun if someone tries to break in and I said okay and left and I went to tell the FBI and military everything I knew and they just laughed at me and said yeah right why would they want you from all the people and the world and I said it's because I know what their up to and they said how do you know and I said I just do and they laughed and went back to check on people but when they weren't looking I grabbed a backpack and and grabbed a lot of supplies then I went back on the streets and I was going to their hide out to see what else they were doing but I was on foot which was probably a bad idea but all the cars I looked at their were no keys so I had to keep walking anytime I saw a drone I hid because those little shits had bombs on them it was night time and it looked like It was going to rain and I could hear thunder which made things way more scary for me but I kept going and I found their little base and their was a man that had a uniform for the french he was alone so I grabbed the gun that my sister gave me and shot him in the head and I grabbed his uniform it's a good thing he was short and I went in then when I went in it looked like a prison they had people behind bars and they were touring them and they started to talk to me in French and for some odd reason i could understand them (and the words they were saying to me I've never heard them in my life) and I talked back to them in French and didn't know it was me and I kept walking and I found a room where their was no body in I stayed their for a bit because my heart was beating so fast I was shaking and I walked out and some guy said "what are you doing in there?" I said "nothing just seeing if anyone was in there." but I said it in French and he didn't believe me so he took me to the leader and when we got there the leader looked really scary and he was tall Like 6'6 and he was bald with a lot tattoos on him and he had a shotgun with him their was a lot of TVs behind him he could see everything and I saw my sister and my nephew on the big screen and he said go get those two he said it to two soldiers and they nodded their heads and went and the guy that dragged me in said "This guy is a little weird and I wanted to tell you sir. what I should do with him?" and he said to take off my mask because I was wearing one my heartbeat was going so fast I said no and he said what did you say and I said it again but louder and I grabbed my gun and shot the guy that was holding me and I shot the leader but the bullet barely touched him and said nice to finally meet you Daisy and I said "how the hell do you know my name?! and why are you looking for me!" he said "you are very interesting girl you know a lot of things and I don't like that.Ever since you were a baby we kept a close eye on you.And because of the stuff you know we can't let you go because we need to take over this world." and I said "ur fucking crazy!" and what are you going to do with my sister and my nephew?!" and he said "isn't it obvious I'm going to kill them." will those two soldiers that left are going to do that I grabbed a bomb that I took from the safe base and threw it towards him and he ran and I ran after the two soldiers and I got a car that had some keys inside and went to go find my sister and my nephew first before those two do and when I got there I looked everywhere and I found them I cried a little when I saw them and I told them to follow me and my sister said "why?" I said I'll tell you everything thing in the car just get in and she said okay and I told her everything I said I don't know just somewhere far away from here and i looked behind us it was the two soldiers from before and they were shooting at us and I told my sister to use a gun and shoot and she said "No! I can't do that!" I said "stop being a little kid! and fucking do it! or they are going to kill all of us!" and she did it but she was Missing every shot and my nephew said "what's this?" and it was a grenade without its pin and I said "Give me that!" and he did and I threw it behind us and it hit the car and it exploded and my sister said "This is crazy! why the hell do they want a 17 year old?!" I said "Because I know to much." and when I looked back again their was so many cars behind us and a tank with the leader in it and I said "shit!" and she said "what?"and she looked behind us and she said "come on let her go she's just a kid that doesn't know anything!" and I was wondering how they found me and then I remember the leader said we been keeping a close eye on you since you were a baby which means they could of put a GPS in me but I dont know where they put it tho and they hit the car and we slid and I tried getting the car to start but it didn't which sucked which means I can't do anything and the leader came up from the tank and said get out Daisy when he said my name it gave me chills and he also said if I don't get out he is going to kill my nephew and my sister so I got out the car and he said "leave ur gun and grenades in the car!" and I did what he asked and I got out the car and he said to back away from the car which I did and he told someone to go check me and they did and he told another two soldiers to go get my sister and my nephew and I said "Don't touch them you said if I get out the car you Wouldn't touch them!"and he said "I lied." and he grabbed my sister and put a knife to her neck my sister was crying and so was my nephew and he cut her throat and said "that's for running away from me." and he laughed and I got mad and he saw that I got mad and he came up to me and punched me in the stomach as hard as possible and it hurt really bad it felt so real then he came close to me and said "you can't win I'm going to kill you and ur little nephew. but I'm going to make sure you watch when I do it to him." and I said "no ur not!" and I grabbed a grenade that I had in my bra and threw it kind of close to where all his guys were And I told my nephew to run as fast as he could and he did he got in the car and locked him self in there and I grabbed another grenade that I had in my bra and i tackled the leader and said "I rather die then my nephew die!" and I had the grenade in my hand and waited for it to go off and I looked at my nephew I said "I love you!" and the grenade when off and when that happened I woke up I was sweating and my heartbeat was outta control