Was homeless and sleeping on gravel

Date: 8/26/2019

By letmeoutofhere

I was homeless again and sleeping outside next to this warehouse building. It was on really chunky, newly laid white gravel. There were men I didn’t know about five feet away, lined up sleeping there too. Suddenly, someone was shining flashlights on us, looking for trespassers, so I ducked my head under the covers but the light was shining right at us. I try to collect my stuff but the harder I try to gather it and run, the more it’s spread out all over the ground. There’s a fence all around the warehouse and the flashlight guy is right in front of the only entrance, and the possibility of direct confrontation stresses me out. I also look down and realize at some point that I have no pants on. Can’t remember the other parts now but there was at least two other things.