Date: 7/4/2019

By EmaleeHill

I was getting mad at this kid named Aayan, it got to the point where we started play hitting each other yet there was no reason to our fight. I turn around to walk away with my head high then he wrapped his arms around my waist.. i don’t know why but then my vision shifted to me taking my “soft, perfect hands” and gently pulling his hand away. Just because we already made a big scene. “if we didn’t I’d probably let his hands stay there” is what I thought. Then my vision goes back the the POV of me. I get stunted and I just am like omg. I run away blushing obviously because aayan was pretty freaking hot boy. Then I don’t remember the rest of the school day and then, poof. I’m. At. Home. I was getting ready to go to aayan’s house to apologize. When I got there he opens the door. He lives in a place with a lot of trees and I had to walk up a lot of stairs to reach his house in the trees. Once I got in he grabs my shirt by the sleeve and rushes me over to his room. The rest shall remain in my mind only