Date: 3/13/2019

By jubesticle

I dreamt that I was just a very busy TA for Mr. Ponchet. I was TAing almost everyone I remotely know in this huge outdoor building. People thought that I was a hard marker. I was marking everyone that were putting on this elaborate play in groups. The weird part was that no one was speaking French. I was also using the same complicated marking system that I had used the day prior. Later that night, I dreamt that my family went to Saltspring and it was snowy which was very unusual as we always go in the summer. I was having conflicts with my Dad. The dream kind of went through the last day on the island. The island is what I call the dream Saltspring island because I’ve seen it before in other dreams but there are some major differences. It seems more tropical and there are a lot more branches hanging from the top. The dream then followed us on our way home in the car, everyone upset about being on an earlier ferry that we wanted to be on. Last thing I remember is pulling into the driveway and everyone still talking and somewhat arguing. side note: I cut my hair quite short yesterday but it was still long in both dreams. Although I like my new hair, I’ve been finding that I still greatly associate myself as someone with long hair, and I’ve been somewhat conflicted about that identity element.