Niall Horan!

Date: 2/18/2017

By I_Love_Dogs

I always loved Niall Horan from one direction. They split up now but I had the dream when they were still a band! In my dream I was at a shopping mall or something. (I can't remember much this was 2 or so years ago) there was something going on in a jumping Castle. I remember it having to do something with pink paint!? I don't know but i can remember that the paint was in a gun and people were squirting it at each other. Then I found out it could make you sick or something? But then that Part of the dream... WENT! It went back to before when I was in the shopping mall or some place. I then say the stairs leading to somewhere. I went up them and saw heaps of boxes! Some of them had things in them I think. Most every box was empty though. I only remember knowing that the One Direction boys were hiding in it. I found some of them. I can't remember finding Niall but I do know I found him if that makes sense. I think he talked with me for a bit until I found Harry Styles! He's great too. But he Charged out of a box sticking his tongue out at me. This dream was when I was in primary school so then I ended up in primary school. I don't remember getting there in my dream but I was there! Then I saw on the courts HEAPS of people crowding around someone on a stage. It was Justin B. I didn't like him that much but I said to myself in my dream, "well at least his famous." I think I meant that heaps of people would be going crazy just being near someone like him which means I should enjoy it! Justin Bieber. This famous guy! I mean REALLY FAMOUS is at my primary school and is doing a concert! 😖 I started dancing and cheering in the back of the crowd. I think I remember trying to get closer. Which meant shoving people aside so I could get closer! I remember that he talked to me and said "hi" or something. That's all of my weird dream that I still remember!