Kush Bee

Date: 2/26/2019

By BadAsh96

So I’m outside smoking with a friend and it’s all nice outside. Then there’s this fucking bee that won’t get away from me. He seats at it and I’m like why tf would you do that!? The bee starts chasing me and I keep hitting it! I can feel the contact of it’s little bee body but that bitch won’t go down !!! Finally I trap it in between the back door and the storm door. Somehow It goes away after this. We go back to smoking Mom and Rick come home! I panicked and scramble to hide my stuff in my safe and now there’s a lot more that there was before so it’s hard to fit it all in the jar. My safe won’t lock and I tell my mom this then Rick is trying to find out why. He sifts through the safe but doesn’t find anything. I wake up