A Monster Island, A Haunted Mansion and the Destruction of Manhattan

Date: 8/7/2017

By brando2k1

In the first part I'm on an island with friends. We soon begin to be attacked by a monster. The monster and setting are similar to an immensely bad movie called "Demon Island". The movements of everyone are similar to video games and the voices are similar to game chat. We eventually defeat the monster- everyone cheers. There was a sort of transition but it was muddy in my memory so I can't really recall any of it. Me, my mum and my dad (my sister was notably absent) are driving to a mansion. It is supposedly in Manhattan even though the surrounding area was far from how Manhattan in real life probably looks (I live in Scotland and have never been to New York), looking more like. It's unclear whether we're staying there temporarily as guests or if this is our property but there are other people there, presumably staying. After strange things happening about the mansion, an evil spirit similar to the Woman in Black reveals herself. However, the spirit is somehow easily tricked by simply closing one's eyes as this stops her from seeing whoever did so- I still have full vision when closing my eyes for some reason and she never attacks anyone else with open eyes. For some unknown reason this is due to the spirit (belonging to an old woman) being blind which she reveals to us while in a benevolent form. We reassure her things would be okay, giving her some closure for whatever reason and she permanently remains in a peaceful form. Quick travel down to central Manhattan which now looks like Tokyo for some reason (with the granny ghost tagging along) then we get back to the mansion, simple. Not so simple when I look out the window and see a hybrid of the Iron Giant and Liberty Prime from the Fallout franchise tearing up the skyline. He approaches the mansion and everyone starts to panic. He shoots the mansion and it crumbles, which somehow destroys the granny ghost and turns her into a demonic mask. The robot rounds everyone and places us under arrest, though I'm not too sure if this was his ambition. He highlights me for some reason and starts firing projectiles at me which I evade by running and jumping my way down to central Manhattan. It's an absolute war zone in Manhattan- the buildings are torn to shreds and fire and smoke rise up into the clouds. The robot is still chasing me so after getting some distance I try to open some houses- there are people inside but none of them answer for me. I'm quite sure one of them was famous Youtuber Jake Paul- I've never even seen a Jake Paul video before and I only have a vague idea of what he looks like. After zipping through alleyways I finally figure that I can try to jump on to the robot by climbing on a roof. I start to climb the roof. As I get to the top and the robot passes by I wake up.