A Party and a Family Dream

Date: 3/16/2017

By DanielP

First dream: there was a big school reunion party were everyone from Willetton, Forest Crescent and my boys from CVC were going. The location was weird: it was at a coastal town but it took place mostly on a street by the ocean and a building buy the ocean that had a gym inside, but was connected to the lifesavers building on one end and the jetty on the other. The party starts with me being too anxious to go out, so I just stay on the gym part of the building. Eventually I go out on to the street and head down to a cliff on the waters edge where Ben, Sophie, Anusha, Ross and Adam are playing truth or dare. I join in and Ben immediately asks me truth or dare and I pick truth. But before I'm asked a question, a wave sweeps over the edge and pulls Ben out to sea. The lifesavers jump into the water to get him and I head inside to tell Huzaifa where I find out that he's been doing motorcycle jumps off the jetty into the water. I roast him for doing something so stupid but everyone else roasts me in return for being so uptight and they say that it's pretty safe to do jumps into the raging water. Meanwhile, Ben has been rescued but he's taken home and the dream ends here. Had a dream about being at Nana's house. There were chickens running lose and everyone wanted to grab them. There was lots of family there. But they all disappeared and it was just just Mum, Cale, Haydn and I there. In the second part of that dream I had an advent calendar that needed filling but I had to do certain tasks to get the reward for that day, like play overwatch. After I unlocked all the rewards the dream ends with Nana coming to pick me up and pretending not to know who Cale is.