visiting a new world

Date: 7/17/2017

By headFeed

im on vacation with family. were up north at my uncles house but were in our house too.. my american uncles are here, along with friends and their family. avery, is on the end of a ship talking to me from there. im sleeping between two sofas. i change my underwear. im given a gift of cute sparrow shaped foods. i see a fan drawn cartoon. it has a very very diverse cast with interesting varying shapes. a snake girl with a flat rectangular head with a headscarf has a real actual snake as a mom. a tall black woman covers her in the snake mom. we go outside and a family is fixing up their backyard. we make a path to walk around the yard but we make a mistake on the bridge because it ends right where we wanted to have the water flowing under it. we also have to move the dog house. i ask that i thought we were gunna move the dog house anyway. up near the entrance to our land. we go there and its very complicated. i see a dog park and between where i am and where the road connecting to the houses land is theres a ahelter of some sort for dogs. i see a man in one of the fenced areas. his pants are down and hes leaning behind one of the dogs. i look away very fast and push my mom away so we can go back to the house right away. i have the urge to kill this man. but the area is surrounded by redneck guys, and i know they have guns. suddenly now our land is taken over by some friendly cult that my family is a part of. at the gate i have to say my name. it worked before but now theyre saying that there might be two of me, and they have two gregs. i repeat my name cause its not greg, and he knows. i say my parents names and instead they ask me what was on the door yesterday. one side was the answer, its gone now. the other said = youre not gay. i tell them that i saw it and laughed cause i thought it wasnt a serious joke and so i just forgot it and ignored it. they give me the answer, i still forget. and they let me in. they say i have a tin i can keep very special things in, and because their community is loyal nothing ever gets stolen. mine looks a little different and its located in a corner, i feel like the protagonist of a game. i climb up the steep hill to my families house. i notice that theres very ancient looking structures, i look up at the strange hills and mountains and up at the clouds. the clouds are parting and theres a mist that barely covers up a HUUUUUUGGGEEE palace that just keeps going up and up and up into the sky. the structures architecture looks like nothing ive ever seen before. its ancient, its magnificent. i become careless walking to my house and fall into one of the small pillars and get stuck. i take my gloves off and give it to someone from the fan made show whos helping me back up. my gloves are on again. i take them off again and now theyre definitely off. i slide out of the hole and slowly climp up the weird round shape. i fear that theres hundreds of webs and bugs on my legs that got into the pillars hole. nothinging is on it? just a little dust and dirt. i say the pillar seems very wobbly and could fall and break, the girl who helped me pushes it a little and it breaks. shes devastated that she broke something thousands of years old, we keep saying a word similar to shatter but meaning that it broke into large pieces, not tiny pieces. we go to tell one of the leaders what happened. there is a very intimidating woman. she is constantly saying how terrible the girl is and i whisper into her very peachy fuzzy ear that i think this lady is evil cause shes just rubbing into her face what a horrible thing she did. the woman stops and says that she will tell the fate of the person who made the pillar. i see a marble head statue, it looks egyptian, but very round and realistic than egypts stylized forms. the woman shows some gem. the marble head fills with skin color. its a nice warm brown. she shows another gem. the headpiece fills up, its blue and red and gold and silver. it has words in the middle. musshhroom she explains that this person identified closely with mushrooms, as this civilization was very close to nature. i see a vision of the woman speaking. a child beside her with a full headpiece made of red/pink gems and glass and goldish metal speaks, her face is not visible under the headpiece. she asks if because of something, doesnt the woman have to shatter one part of her headpiece? the woman is reminded and does so right away, she shadders the gems and glass on the front. the childs face shows. she does an evil grin showing her sharp teeth. something tells me that the woman wasnt supposed to shadder the front, she was supposed to shatter one of the sides. and now the child will die.