Date: 7/25/2019

By mgold15

so immediately instead of being July it jumped to December which in my dream was when school started. cut to my first day i fall on the concrete outside but instead of being the HS its the IS. anyways my friend val who im not close with comes up and we started walking because she walks home with me. but then we see theres a little christmas thing going on in the gym so we go there. i didnt text my mom we were going though. anywasy, like an hour and a half goes by and we walk out of the school, its now dark. we see this weird creature it looks like a mega buffed up cougar or like that meme where garfield is super buff. anyways val runs inside but the door closest to me i’d have to bolt so i did and then i feel the cougar scratch me. so naturally i just turn around and hold its harms away from me and just start screaming at it so itll go away but i got super tired from screaming so i was out of breath the whole time. anyways i got inside and a little after we just bolted to the road and split ways. then i was walking on my road and it was super dark so i was scared another one would come at me. but then i walk past this car and the engine starts and theres a woman in the car. she starts revving her engine and i look ahead and my uncle (who is apparently Andy Bernard from the office) is standing outside by his car. in my dream it was clear this woman was going to hit him so i ZOOMED OVER THERE and grabbed his arm and we started running. we ran through some guys farm but he was outside so he got a flashlight and started looking for us. luckily he assumed it was a rabbit in the bush so he walked away but he came back a few seconds later. there were a bunch of trucks lining the ground off the road because i guess there was about to be a fair on the field. anyways so its light now and cops are looking for us and like the whole town is in the field but by the road. so we are just running through people but this part of the dream was in slow mo because i was looking for my crush in the crowd. if youre wondering i did not see him. (the slow mo run was not just us everything in the dream was slow mo)