Matthew and Shane sleepover

Date: 7/26/2019

By alejandrariv3ra

I was in a big building that almost looked like an empty mall that had been made a house. I arrived and went into a pool where a girl I knew was in there swimming and Matthew was in a bit of water that was frozen over with only his head and hand peaking out. I tried to get him out and he couldn’t. He said he had to be there to fulfill some sort of task. So I just sat there holding his hand so he knew I was there. Then we all get out, we’re all still in swimmers and we go into a bedroom all wet which is giving me anxiety because of the floor. Shane is there and he keeps asking for his own room for the sleepover and I tell him I’d already had that prepared for him. Matthew knows that I’m going to be sleeping with Fede even though Fede isn’t even there and I have no clue where Matthew went to sleep.