Date: 7/24/2017

By sadinarus

So I was with my friends and we walked into a pre-scholarship for some reason. While in the school I bump in to an old friend, Justin. We say "hey"and we hug. He had on a slightly oversized white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. And I suddenly was extremely attracted to him. Later on in the day I'm at my house. And he's there. We had sex. And immediately I felt terrible and disgusting because I'm dating Sean and I love him. So I left the house and started running down the street. This guy on a bike asks if I need a ride and I say "no thanks" but he insists on taking me to where I was going. I was going to the gas station. Once I get on the bike though, the guy tries to bike up the hill but it's too much weight. So I say nevermind and I get off. I finally get to the gas station and I'm trying to hide from Justin for some reason. He arrives at the gas station and im hiding behind some tires. He sees me. All of a sudden we are downtown. He keeps following me. We are by a crowd getting off the bus. And ahead of me I see Sean. He's wearing a lime green shirt and some light ripped jeans and a pair of black vans with his John Lennon glasses on. His hair was freshly cut and he had on a black bandana. We see each other and immediately he is mad because I'm with Justin. I run to him, Leaving Justin behind. Sean tried to get closer to Justin, but I won't let him. I take his hand and walk away. I apologize to him repeatedly and I wrap his arms around my waist and I hug him tight while we are walking. While I was doing that I took a glance behind us and I see his ex, Jeralyn. I wasn't concerned as long as I was with Him. I look up at him and see that he got his ear pierced. And I smile and mention it to him. (He got other stuff done as well, but I don't remember) We talked and smiled and laughed. And for some reason I didn't tell him that me and Justin had sex. THE END