Date: 7/5/2017

By justhannah

I was at some type of roller skating rink or office of some kind and I was rolling around. There was a line in the back of the building with people lining up. Harry styles came outta nowhere singing his song out loud, while on a motorcycle. Everyone was going crazy. They everyhting died down and I was now waiting on the line. Harry came up to me and apparently we were cousins. He invited me to some show with him and he was part of the orchestra. I had to sit on the floor next to him and someone gave me some sticks bc their percussion didn't show up but I was trash at it. Then people started getttijg sick and they would get like these colorful foam that would grow in their mouth. Each color was a stronger one. They had someone on a table testing out each color to build up tolerance and they go up to purple and it was like two big blocks on ice that they were putting in his mouth. They tried to test Harry bc he was really strong but he couldn't do it. Then we went back to our seats and now girls were getting stomach aces so Harry went to the bathroom to help them out and I followed. Then the show ended and I was out side I received a text from Harry asked if he wanted to pick me up. And I agreed bc he wanted to go for dinner. But the Sprouse twins showed up. Dylan and cole so I got in the car with them and canceled with Harry. Then Louis Tomlinson texted me asking if I wanted to go into a helicopter with him and I agreed. When I got home my mom was a roblox character and so was my sibling. I went in the helicopter with Louis and we had the best time. Each time I woke up in the middle of my dream, I was able to go back into my dream and continue the dream where I left off.