"The Time Has Never Been More Right" feat. Kevin Costner & Tim Allen

Date: 5/24/2017

By incurableflame

I had a dream I had just come out of a job interview (same one I have in a few hours) and somehow ended up somewhere in West Virginia (uhh I live in Ireland...). It was getting very windy, stormy even. Firefighters were dispatched to help a nearby state in the East I feel. Anyways, I'm kinda lost. Walking in such windy conditions is becoming trickier because of the force of the wind. A heavy mattress almost flies straight at me. It's like a hurricane approaching. I decide to head back out to the main road, and suddenly a tiny red 80s car pulls up, with Kevin Costner as the driver, and some lady with him. He says: "The time has never been more right." And it occurs to me that I gotta get in the car ASAP. So I get inside this old thing, at the backseat, buckle up, and we start driving the High Hell outta there. As we're speeding accross the road, a GIANT TIM ALLEN APPEARS and bent on destroying us like we're some kind of roach. I remember closing my eyes as we drove towards him right as he rose his foot to stomp on us, but we were faster! He then catches up with us and pickes up the car, trying to get us out by licking (???) so he opens the driver's door and sticks his tongue out, which Kevin Costner promptly snips at with his fingers like he was some crab lmao. Eventually, Tim Allen puts us down and we see some big birds coming to help us, so we get out of the car and each get on the back of a big bird and fly away and Tim Allen can't catch us the end.