Mathematics Quest

Date: 4/23/2017

By nomosia

I was following Uncle and Mother on some sort of 'quest ' I didn't really know what I was doing there but they'd given me the object to carry on the quest. I can't quite remember what the object was but I think it was a large water bottle. The first part was we were in a pretty forest and for some reason I thought it would be really cool to build a glass house in it with a tennis court and a pool but with glass walls, and as we were walking I was considering how you would darken the windows of the glass house at night or whenever you want to "close the curtains " as it were, so I started thinking about plane polarisation and maybe you could make glass with filters in that are activated when they are connected to the electrical circuit of the light switch, or maybe use the electrical field of the circuit to repel the filters meaning that they would rotate and no light would be let through, or instead of filters, you could use the chemical they have in the glasses that turn lenses darker in sunlight , and if they require energy to darken then you can use electricity as a replacement for the sun, therefore being able to "close the curtains " whenever you want. (Dodgy dream physics) The first task I remember was the one where we were in some sort of abandoned warehouse with a wooden path going around it on stilts. There were whistle noises and tiny things that looked like LEDs making loud noises and spinning on the floorboards. I asked mother what they meant , as I was worried they would release poisonous gas and that the ticking noise was a countdown but she said they were part of the quest and the little number '2' on them represented that we had two mathematical events left to go. Anyway, we got to a field with a rather aggressive cow behind a gate, and our piece of paper said we only had 2 mathematical events to go, so we walked past the cow, careful not to look it in the eyes. I think my family had an altercation with the cow but I didn't look back so I don't know . Past the cow was a lane that changed into a country road. I walked along the country road for a while and knew that I only had 1 mathematical event left (the cow counted for some reason) so whatever I would face next would be the end and I would finally find out what this had all been for. Ahead of me on the road was an old couple , there was a bend in the road and they had stopped in the corner waiting for something. There was an iron bridge above the road and as it looked unusual, I concluded that it must have something to do with the next mathematical event. A light blue car suddenly came round the corner and it was obviously who the couple were waiting for although he didn't acknowledge him. Somehow I knew they were on the same Quest as I although they didn't have the object/water bottle. When the car drove past me, I think the man in the car said something to me, although I can't remember what it was, He was an oldish man with a grey beard, and once he had driven past, the woman ahead of me said "That was Benjamin Franklin." Then the dream ended as I was awakened by my alarm.