Witch doctor

Date: 6/28/2019

By Trixzie

I'm going to the movies. there's lots of movies on today, but I see that there is a seminar on thyroid nodules. Since sometimes my work involves thyroid nodules this excites me. I hope that I might be able to attend. Brad is with me. We walk into the theater for the seminar. The theater is packed full. Bead grabs me a chair and puts at the back so that we can sit while I watch. I think to myself how crazy it is that this room full of people want to hear about thyroid nodules. Then a man with a lab coat and disheveled hair comes onto the stage and welcome everybody to this seminar on thyroid nodules. Almost the whole room starts to jabber and gets up to leave. I guess they didn't realize what the subject of today's seminar would be. I'm now able to sit in the second row. The speaker is so enthused that he walks amongst us while he's talking. He asked if anybody had ever felt a thyroid nodule and if we had not that we could feel the tiny bumps on the back of our hands and they would feel the same. I look at my hand and astonishingly I have bumps there now and I begin to feel them. He also shows us how to feel our nerves. I'm worried about this as I'm sure it's not a pleasant thing to fill. The seminar is over and we walk outside. There's a graveyard with a small empty house. We begin walking in that direction. We noticed that zombies are appearing. They are not mindless zombies, but instead they seem to have purpose. They're coming for us and behind them stands a witch doctor commanding them. I run into the house and draw an angel on the wood floor boards in chalk. I know that if my friend (that somehow just appeared) stands in the outline with the Book of the Dead he would be able to summon and control existing zombies. He is able to stop the zombies, but he's unable to make them attack. (So we do the most logical thing) we take the zombies by the feet and spin them around in a circle as hard as we can and throw them at the other zombies incapacitating them. I wake up in a hotel bed. Brad and I leave the room and begin to walk the hallways to realize that we are in a casino. There are hundreds of slot machines. I guess the zombies were all a dream. As we're walking through the casino I see a black man playing on one of the slots. He was my friend, the witch doctor. I tell him I dreamt of him, but he doesn't seem to recognize or know me. This makes me sad as I thought we were good friends. Brad and I continue to walk through the casino until we get to a burrito bar that serves beer and burritos. We place our order and I'm again content.