The Party/The Crazy Girl

Date: 6/26/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

Back to a place we've been before. It is an area of Rome, but lots of details are different. I remember we had to go somewhere and I wasn't sure what stop to get off the train so I just picked the last one. I was wearing some long black pants made of a very light fabric and a sweater. I was with my sister and my mother. When we got off we walked for a while, I was trying to convince them that I knew where I was going. We got to a point where we saw a girl shooting a couple. We immediately rushed near the car. This girl had dark hair and light eyes. She approached us and started staring firmly at my sister. She started telling us about herself. At a certain point she started making questions to check if we were listening to her. She asked for my sister's number. They went on talking. I was thinking that we'd end up getting killed too if they went on like that. The second part of the dream which I can't tell if it happened before or after the one I just wrote, I was at home celebrating a party. I was dressed as in the previous dream but without the sweater so I guess I just put it on later and maybe this is the first part. matthew was at the party. I wanted to have sex with him. So I tried to get him locked into one room with me but he seemed to resist every approach. There were people having sex in all the other rooms so we just left and went to a place I called the auditorium but it was really different. He was running away from me. At a certain point he managed to lock himself out of my reach. Another guy approached me. He looked like a gay friend of mine. I understood he had bad intentions almost immediately. He started touching me and pushed me onto the ground saying the same things Matthew says during sexual intercourse. That really got on my nerves so I managed to run away. He was just like "hey, wtf" but didn't run after me.