Futuristic dark turn

Date: 3/11/2017

By kennymagic

Was in this world in which most the population obtain super human capabilities. Setting was MI, old apartments that I used to live in. I was looking for a mentor to help me learn how to control my powers because there was a guy that had the same powers as me. I live in the old apartment that I used to live in but with a few friends. After that I super jumped to school and my first class was my English teacher and personal finance teacher. My personal finance teacher is this really young tall basketball coach with a beard and he is very straight forward and has teenager like tendencies. So it was those two teachers in a class teaching about who knows what. So then I get a call from one of my parents saying they got a divorce and I was just sad the rest of the day. The classroom I was in looked nothing like any classroom I I have been in... Kinda futuristic and fashion based.... But I went home and was sad. My friends were watching TV in a really dark room late at night and I just stared blankly at it as they joked and laughed. The next day is WEIRD. Guess this was a random wet dream or something..... I went to class the next day and I start crying a bit in class and my PF teacher asked what was wrong and I don't say but then another student ratted me out and told the news. So this dude gets up and tells this really pretty and openly sexual girl to get up. He told me to grab her butt and it would make me feel better and I didn't want to do it but he kept insisting and the girl kept telling me to do it etc. So I did and then the teacher grabs my arm and tells me to touch her breast.. Then after that day I guess I felt better but late at night my Dad picks me up and we start driving off far far away.