Was visiting California.

Date: 9/19/2019

By drmr

Sunnyvale? Is that really a place? Anyways was on the edge of the ocean at some convention with Hindu dancers. Nestlings was there and hua and was late so Raj tells me to pretend I was sick. I leave the building on the boardwalk while they're doing their thing and people are gathered laughing and there's a concert and a dad holding a baby. I'm trying to take pictures in low light with my phone. But my battery is dying. I ask the street vendor if he has an iPhone charger because I never have iPhone in real life. He tells me to ask the guy across from him because he has something like a charger. I'm talking to him and suddenly the ocean starts rushing in. I'm like whoa the lake is never like this. I'm drowning and the vendor tells me to grab his hand and leads me to a ladder and we climb out. Everything is submerged. I never let go of the phone.