Mad Magic Mother, Worrisome Wind, Rescue and Rewrite.

Date: 2/19/2017

By Fitful

Three Dreams. One. I was living in a tiny apartment in this new neighborhood, it was a posh suburban type neighborhood except every block was surrounded by sidewalks and grassy plots. There were no roads. I had a hard time trying to figure out how to get out. I felt trapped and tried endlessly to leave, to just find a street. I feel it was necessary to leave because they didn't allow magic there, in fact it was illegal, and I was performing magic often, not really by choice. My mother forced me to. She was a horrid dictator, and a bit crazy, and she was forcing me to do magic all the time. I think I might have hurt people, I know me and my brother were miserable. It was hurting us, being around her. I liked a girl in the neighborhood, all I wanted was to be normal and friends with her. The friendship felt like it could be something special maybe even romantic, but my mother wasn't able to even contemplate me having my freedom to do anything. I wasn't allowed out of the house, if I was she would hurt me with magic. Finally I had enough, and I pushed her down the stairs. Apparently the tiny house had many floors and there were three downstairs. I forced her down and magical shut her in. For a while we lived like that, I lived down there with her, to keep her in check. Life was a little better. My brother finally convinced me I couldn't live like this too, shouldn't have too. He understood why I had sacrificed my freedom for him but he felt I was going about it wrong. I did too but I also felt incredible guilt, as if her actions were my fault. Finally she packed her bags and decided to leave. I let her go in relief. I was just too tired to care about anything after. Two. Later I am living somewhere cold in the mountains. It's a wide open place, like Nevada or California. I have driven to town to see the doctor, he checks out my feet. He says a few of my toes are dead and need to be removed and he shaves off a bump on my heel. It bleeds a bit. He doesn't feel right about taking care of my toes today, since I came by myself and a few other reasons. He sends me home because it's windy out. The whole office express concern for me driving home in the wind. I drove a tall square car here, more like a hummer, but it feels like its made out of tin. It's sways in the wind now that I know its windy, and I'm nervous driving back home. I don't want the wind to tip me over. I stop as I near a turn and contemplate walking home. The hummer is now a motorcycle and I can walk it like a horse, which I do because there is a bit of traffic congestion right here. The police are even here and I'm carrying two bloody kitchen knives. I feel I look suspicious. I put then away in a plastic box and suddenly I'm holding quite a few boxes. I wonder how I balanced them all while riding here on the motorcycle. Three. I am young, and living with family who don't treat me right. Suddenly guys show up to take me away. Two guys, they seem official, like its a job but for a person not the government. They are also disgusted with the way my family is treating me. They remove me, and my toys. Well I carry a tricycle down the stairs, on clean slick floor. I know if I scuff the walls something bad will happen, but while the woman is eyeing me to make sure I don't scuff the walls, one of the guys is eyeing her to make sure she doesn't hit me. There is a lot of fuss made but we leave and are driving for a long time, it seems to get where we are going it's going to be a while. They pick up my brother and sister, or already had them. My brother is a baby this time, and my sister is younger than me but not too young. Or maybe older. We stop at a restaurant. They take us in to eat food, it's an all you can eat $6 buffet but the host is quick to tell us drinks are not included. We decide to drink water, I reassure them its okay I would usually drink water anyway, and then they decide to hack the rude host's hotel room for $50. My sister does it, apparently she is really really smart. Or she isn't my sister. I am using a phone charger which is too close to the wall. My sister has an awesome new phone and I ask to use her charger instead, she lets me and it has even less slack to it. Barley six inches of cord. I feed potatoes to my little brother. He loves them but asks for a specific candy. I tell him that candy isn't vegan. They captured my mother in a jar, and use special ink to make her rewrite history. She rewrites herself out of my history. She doesn't have a choice and now I am safe from her forever.