Date: 8/29/2019

By sadinarus

I was in my Car driving to Walmart. And the drive was hectic. I had on a lace frontal but the rest of my hair was out and a mess. The lace frontal was straight and the rest of my hair was pushed up into a small bun. But it looked crazy because I never finished my hair. The lace front was glued down but I had to secure it with my scarf but I couldn’t do that while I was driving. So throughout the entire ride I’m checking the mirrors to keep the lace down on my forehead until I can put a scarf on it. I remember hearing this guy and his friend in the car next to me. I think they were trying to figure out who I was. They said I looked like “Tiana” but they knew that’s not who I was. And since my hair was unfinished I quickly put my hood on. So I continue to drive and I’m in the correct lane and this white car tries to push me out of the lane and almost make me hit the car in the right lane. I had to speed up but it didn’t do me good since there was a car in front of me. So I’m yelling out of my window to the lady in the car and she’s yelling back. And my yelling is really low in volume. It was because I was on the phone with Sean and I didn’t want him to hear me getting upset. So I finally make it to Walmart. And I am sitting in the parking lot fixing my hair. I gel down the back of my hair and brush it up with the lace front and pull it into a ponytail. I get out the car and this boy I used to go to middle school with walked up to me. He was like “hey shakira do you remember me?” and I shook my head apologetically and said “sorry no” but then I took a closer look at him. He was very handsome and I was like “OH! Virgil! Hey how are you?” He laughed and we talked. And I told him I was heading inside and he decided to come along. I didn’t mind he was cool. So i believe I was hugging him or I was in his arms or something like that when I saw Sean, his sister and his aunt. Sean used to play on those scooters that the stores have for older people. And he was driving around in it. His aunt was pushing the cart and Elizabeth (his sister) was on the right side of him and his aunt on the left. I saw them down the aisle that me and Virgil was in. Me and him was still hugging so I tried to slip away from him so I wouldn’t upset Sean. But Sean saw a little and his attitude in his face changed. He was angry. His aunt and sister finally saw me and we walked towards eachother. I didn’t introduce Virgil. But we all started shopping together. And Virgil kept openly flirting with me. I don’t think he knew me and Sean was dating. But we stopped somewhere in the store and I was exhausted so I bent over the cart and Virgil draped his body over mine and we both just laid there. I should have said something but I didn’t. So Sean...seething with rage, is like “Yo, get off my girlfriend.” Virgil doesn’t move. And so Sean says it again this time more forceful and Virgil finally gets up, I stay down. Sean’s aunt was like “that ain’t cool man.” And Virgil talks to Sean and was like “I ain’t mean nothing by it. Let me buy you something.” So they go walking around the store and they hang out. And me, elizabeth and his aunt all start talking and I walk over to a toy in the store, it was a clear small tennis racket and in the package it had 3 small watermelon balls. It was to play baseball with fruit. And Elizabeth and his aunt said they already played that and I suggested that we play with paint. And his aunt was saying I liked the fruit but we need way more fruit for it to be effective. So finally Sean and Virgil came back. We started shopping again and me and Sean stayed behind a bit while walking. And wrapped his arms around my waist and squeezed my boobs for Virgil to see. Lmao And I turned around (I guess I was shorter than him) and I looked up at him and was like “I’m sorry. I should have said something to him.” He was still upset and he grunted at me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him down to kiss me. We kissed and I bit his bottom lip. He continued to hold me close to him while we continued to shop. Since then we were all over each other. At one point he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him and we were kissing and laughing. Then I woke up THE END.