A Night Filled with LSD

Date: 1/21/2017

By definitelymona

December 26, 2016 I was in my room but everything looked the way it did when we first moved in the house. The bed was vertical instead of horizontal and the tv was on the right of the bed rather than the left. I remember watching tv but the only thing I could see was the brightness of it, nothing more. I had something in my hand and put it in my mouth. After this dream I realized it was half of a pill. I continued to sit there until I began to feel the effects of the pill. I was completely high, it was insane how real this feeling was. I then began to drool so much that pools of water were leaving my mouth, I believed that this was a representation of me drooling in real life.... like.... a lot. The effects of the pill felt absolutely amazing, I felt free and I felt as though I could just be crazy me. I was so high I began to laugh at something, perhaps it was something on the tv but I laughed so much I fell off the bed. It felt so real I actually thought I fell off and had to quietly get back on without my parents wondering what that sound was. After that I just enjoyed the effects with more pools of water coming out of my mouth. So much so that there was an actual puddle on my bed and floor. Ignoring that I slowly drifted off to sleep.