A Harry Potter Situation

Date: 6/19/2017

By fluffytree

Sunday June 18th 2017 Moderate sleep: 4pm~9:30pm Can't remember much and thought I forgot yesterday's dreams completely until I was on my way home singing songs from 'Sweeney Todd' (the one with Johnny Depp) and was reminded of Alan Rickman's character in that which then made me think of Harry Potter which triggered a dream recall. In it I was at Hogwarts doing some sort of investigation with Harry and crew. The details aren't coming to mind but it had something to do with Professor Snape possibly being in league with Voldemort. I guess that's not too far from the start of the first movie. Weird cos I haven't watched or thought about that series in awhile. I wish I could remember more cos I know I dreamt more than this. Ah well.