Outside my old middle school and levitating (lucid)

Date: 5/21/2017

By Unleashed805

I was outside my old middle school and I noticed it was sunny and really warm out, almost hot. It looked a lot like I was right outside the D wing close to the soccer fields. I lined up with some other people that I knew from the high school I graduated from last year. I think Zach Clayton, the social media star who I have a gay crush on, was in the line. Then suddenly, the thought that I was dreaming just randomly came to me. I yelled out "wait, I'm dreaming!" I went to the back of the line and leaped backwards into the air and began flying and floating up. I wanted to see everyone's reactions to me flying and as I floated up I remember hearing a few people, I think girls, gasp. Still facing all the people who were in lines, I levitated up maybe around 50 feet or so. High enough to see all the people in my eye line and some of the surrounding area including the building and grass area. I noticed that details were becoming clearer. The grass was a vibrant green color and everything looked crystal clear and vivid and life like. I knew that I was dreaming, but I wasn't constantly reminding myself, so soon after this part I may've lost lucidity. Soon after this I woke up feeling really good and excited.