My girlfriend and I got married

Date: 7/9/2019

By BigDog

This dream is very long because it is technically two sleep sessions where I woke up and continued dreaming. I dont want to use my girlfriend's name so I've changed that. Eveything in this dream confuses me as I never have dreams so vivid in my memory after waking up. And for a long time I haven't been able to remember them at all. There was no build up to the event but by taking to people in the dream I found out that I had asked her. The ceremony was nice and it was in etwall hall, the reception was either held in the same place or somewhere near by that looked near identical. It was after dancing a bit and eating some food I realised half the people at the wedding I had not invited, they were Leslie's friends which I thought was fine, but friends I'd never met before so it was very unerving. It seemed like she was avoiding me also as she would rather talk to anyone except me, walking off if I started walking toward her. It was only when I caught her talking to someone that I ran and asked her what was wrong. I began noticing people were laughing at me quietly and I looked over at my parents table where they were shaking their heads at me. Leslie just said that she had been cheating on me with someone else and my world came crashing down. The weird behaviour made sense and the laughing too, everyone else must've known. I was embarrassed and infuriated and only a few of my friends stood up to ask what was wrong. She would not tell me who he was and she would not tell me when it had happened. The dream felt real, like it was in the future of my life, Leslie looked more mature and everyone else looked older. She ran off and I couldnt find her again, it was at this point in the dream I basically turned into an inspector, asking people what they knew about it. People denied knowing anything or hust refused to say anything, some defended her saying it was the right thing for her to do and I really started feeling like the bad guy with people saying I'd pushed her into it. I woke up at this point baffled by what I was hearing and because I woke up in bed and because i had, I shook off the idea that it had happened but was left with the thoughts of mistrust and confusion. I quickly fell back to sleep.... The dream continued as if i had simply left the body of the man in my dreams momentarily and time had jumped forward. I searched the hall which now became a manor and found her in one of the rooms talking with some of her old school friends which in real life she is no longer friends with. They were howling with laughter and when I barked "what the fuck is going on?" They all turned to look at me except her. The angle of perspective seemed to move in the room and for some reason we were now standing on the balcony of a theatre on the west side of the stage. I could see dancing and it was definitely a ballet of sorts. Leslie didn't talk to me and I kept questioning her, her friends seemed to dissapear but I did not take notice. She eventually turned to me and said "fine, what do you want to know" and I asked "did you really cheat on me?" She replied with a simple "yes" obviously I asked why and she continued "because i don't want to marry you, the girls all said it wasn't right and that I was doing the right thing" I asked how many times and how long this had been going on for "5 times over the last month" this reply really destroyed me inside and the rest of the dream became a blur of arguing with her about why she did it and who this man was, I talked to my family who simply stated I was stupid and that she's made a fool of me, but all I felt was heartbreak and anger. I found her once again talking to a random bloke I had never seen before and he was making her laugh. I shouted was this him. And with a dullness replied no. I didn't believe her and began shouting more and more for a name until she gave me one while pointing at a man i can't remember facially. The man had long brown curly hair to his shoulders and a well built body around the height of 6 foot. I pleaded with her asking her why she had done it and cheated on me and at first she denied doing it which confused me but gave me hope. I asked again and said that I knew she had and she switched back to before. Explaining that she never wanted to marry me in the first place and that she had done it out of pity, feeling trapped she looked for someone to please her. I said it wasn't the fact it was cheating it was the fact she had returned 4 more times after the event and she simply said it was enjoyable and she was sorry. I no longer felt sadness and helplessness I felt disdain and despised the man who had destroyed my life. He began to walk away after I stared into his eyes and I followed him. He kept walking through doors and walls and up stairs and through passages until he got stuck on the other side of an indoor bridge, he turned around at me and I ran at him and lifted my arm in the air, as I collided with him i brand my arm down with a blowing force and he fell to his knees. I did not care to look at his face as there was a glimmer on his shoulder when my eyes glanced that way they were met with the sight of a large kitchen knife and I quickly realised what I had done. I returned to the party and the panic of his death grew larger and Leslie looked confused on where this man had gone. I stayed at the bar and ordered many a drink until she came to me and said she wanted to stay with me. For some reason after all the torment I no longer cared and I turned her away while she pleaded that it was a mistake and that she was sorry. I have no idea why I became like this and batted her away but I was soon left alone at the bar with everyone gone and I woke up very confused questioning if it had happened or not. I had to check my phone and message her to see if she was okay.