Weird dream, a little girl and my brother's house

Date: 9/23/2019

By Inanna

Had a dream about a few minutes ago... The first setting of my dream is a bridge in our province, I think I'm walking in the bridge and I'm looking at the people below... I'm not really sure but it seems like I'm talking with someone in this dream. We're talking about how deep the river is and I was like, "it's not that deep". The person I'm talking to asked me how sure I am and I've said that "I grew up swimming there". Some of the people we're looking at are doing their laundry, some are swimming, then someone drowned. Everyone was panicking, but I was like "how is it possible that someone would get drowned when the river is not even that deep, most of its part (the one near the bridge) is just knee-deep. The current is also not that strong". I've just walked away like nothing's wrong with it, like no one's drowning or something. Something that I've also like to mention is that everything is so bright, like the sun is shining too brightly that looking at them and the grass and all the green surrounding the river is hurting my eyes. The next setting is a street in my brother's house. This house is in an entirely different area, but in my dream, they're connected. In this dream, I was walking home because its getting late and I need to get home ASAP, but then I've seen a little girl standing outside someone's house as if waiting for someone to open the door, she's standing there for a few seconds then she walked away and stand in front of another house. The door opened, as if the owner is checking something outside, then closed it again. I'm not sure, but it seems like the little girl wants to enter the house but failed to do so because the owner closed the door immediately. She then walked towards me, as if she wants to hurt me, but then ignored me and then choses another house behind me. I was already close at my brother's house at that time (I live there in my dream), when she run and stood outside my brother's house door. In my dream, I was feeling like I should stop the girl no matter what, so instead of entering the house, I walked away, hoping the girl would leave that house, but instead of moving in front of another house, she attached herself to me or something like that. She has a waist-length black hair and my dream ended with me unable to see anything because I couldn't move her hair out of my face. I've just realized that everything looks gray in this dream, but the little girl's eyes is glowing red. Also everything is so silent. I remember screaming after the little girl attached herself to me but I also couldn't hear my own voice.