Can I have a reality check please? 😑

Date: 7/20/2017

By EloraDanon28

i was really hot temperatures wise. the willeys (aka the twins from my class and their sisters) were over the house, except on of the twins was away. i was burning up, which had been caused originally by a fire upstairs. it was getting hard for me to move around, so one of the girls called an ambulance. joe for some reason thought i was pregnant, and that he was the father, and even though i told him over and over that i really wasnt, he refused to leave my side. which was actually okay with me, because i was really scared and just wanted to hold someone's hand. my parents came home just as the ambulance arrived, and my mom got mad at me, saying that they couldn't aford to pay another hospital bill from me, and that i was probably faking anyways. but the girls and joe stood up for me, saying that they really thought something was wrong. so she gave in, and joe still wouldn't leave my side. when we got to the hospital, i was separated from him because he wasn't allowed to come, and i began to cry because i was scared. the other twin, sam, appeared then though, i guess he was back from college or something, and he held my hand instead, so i calmed down enough to stop crying. the rest is pretty hazy, not because I can't remember, but because i was so hot. I remember seeing butterflies in the hospital, and getting hooked up to the IVs, and that i passed out at some point but it was like i was observing from the third person. when i woke up, i was really confused because i legit thought it was real.