Escaping Foster Care

Date: 7/26/2018

By caitlynm14117

Gene Simmons was going to foster my 12 siblings and I. I stayed as long as he was going to keep us, but then I heard we were moving, so I decided to run away to escape foster care. My brother had done this a while before me and was still in hiding. So I ran away to my school where I knew my brother was hiding somewhere. Gene’s house was at one end of the street, and the school was at the other end right next to the sea. I eventually find my brother and his friend who were living in this little structure that you could access by climbing onto this roof that extended only to the first story and going back a little. There was this little room that looked like a tent and it has two really small “stories”. My brother and his friend were on the top and I snuck in on the bottom. At first they didn’t realize it was me, but they figured it out. They taught me the rules of the place and how not to get caught. I remember one day, it must have been Saturday, it was a little cloudy like it might storm and no one was out so we left the tent for a while and sat right outside on the roof and looked out onto the ocean. Then one time I went inside the school for some reason and I heard people talking about how I’d been missing for a while. However, no one seemed to recognize me. I even went into my English class and I saw my old health teacher, but no one knew who I was. Eventually people caught on that I was missing, and they also finally realized my brother and his friend were missing too. They somehow figured out that we were all together and that we were still in the school somewhere. One day, they all decided to try to persuade us to come out. They told us my brother and his friend would be thrown out of school for sure, but they would give me a second chance. Then the school band played “Dancing Queen” on the big steps that were right below our tent. I’d been in the tent for a while, sealed shut, and I knew I was running out of oxygen, so I slid out right in front of all the band members. Their playing came to an abrupt stop. I was very dizzy and fell to the ground. Someone came and helped me walk inside the school where my bother and his friend already were. We all didn’t want to talk, especially my brothers friend and I, so the guy who was in charge of us at the time was like “ah ha! They slept together!” And this really annoyed me so I went off to find my clothes yelling about how we did not sleep together and I’d only gone in hiding to escape foster care. Then I woke up.