Date: 6/21/2017

By contactsilence

We were in some church, more like a cathedral with an upper level and we were supposed to make it for formal lunch I realized but I missed it. I went down anyway and two Indian people were eating lite with just cold zucchini I asked if anyone knew where A my daughter was. She hadn't called so I seemed to think she was missing at that point and I called her. I watched the phone and she and a little girl were singing a song but then it turned into an elaborate production involving mostly unknown dream characters but when I saw her with one famous girl, I realized she had made it big and I was proud of her. So there were little cars the size of kids bumper cars driving up and down the isles of the cathedral so I decided to spray them with zombie spray to turn the occupants of the little cars into zombies. So the occupants were small also, possibly children and they turned all zombie on me and began to attack so I had to go all walking dead and spearhead them BAM But I didn't necessarily enjoy this. I was like,"what the hell did I do here?" I killed two zombie kids.