Date: 2/22/2019

By iliketofood

Naziba and I are hanging out. We're at a store that feels like Five Below but with even more fun, small, interesting, useless junk to browse.i find a small match box with really amusing artwork on it, and I'm excited because it's only like 89 cents. I take it over to Naziba to show her and suddenly a store employee is in my face. "Ma'am are you shoplifting that?" A super weird question. But I say "uh no I'm just looking at this item and I'm still inside the store so you shouldn't worry." She says I was caught on camera with my hand in my pocket for a second and says with their heat cameras they did not detect anything inside my pocket. However, they caused a whole commotion about it and all of the other shoppers were judging me. I feel targeted and mistreated. The cops were called for some reason but I was let go. I decide that we should go take a tour of an apartment I'd been meaning to check out. I'm surprised at how much technology was in that dumb store and how even with those tools they harassed someone who wasn't doing anything wrong. We walk into the leasing office and are told to wait for the person who will guide the tour. It's just the two of us waiting alone in the office. I start looking around at the decor and books on the shelves. There's a nice jade sculpture of a fish on a shelf. It looks kind of heavy, maybe the size of my head? I touch it as I admire how cool it looks. All of a sudden a woman's voice is in my ear: "Ma'am are you stealing that? Step back, I've already called in some officers." At this point I'm very tired of this happening so when the cops come I really have nothing to say. Obviously I wasn't taking anything. I'm ready to get arrested. They leave me with a warning. I'm just tired. I don't have the energy to defend myself when nothing is even happening. Well I'm at least not going to live at that apartment complex. That place sucks.