Natalie's Hidden World of Fun

Date: 9/21/2019

By UniqueStarque

I'm getting ready to move out. I go into my closet and look up to find a bunch of clothes fall on my face. Natalie apologises. She explains she's cleaning out the tiny secret room above mine because my room will soon be hers. I'm a bit sour about it because I was going to use it. (But I'm moving out, right?) Then I realize the ladder keeps going and I find an apartment sized area, full of games, a toy train, chairs, clothing, decorations, and Natalie's friends. Ava, one of my trouble students is there, because (in the dream) Natalie is friends with her younger (non existent) sister. I notice it's a lot of lights and I warn Natalie our parents won't be happy with all the electricity she's using, so I begin to count lights. As I'm walking  endless room, I find room after opening and more rooms. It ends up in a carnival area and I'm still counting uses of electricity. There are Carnival games with people working the booths and many more lights. People are walking around, shopping and playing. I count 70+ lights overall. I then noticed I'm standing on ice. I accidentally cause a crack in the ice to begin, so I keep walking, hoping it'll go away and no one will notice. But it grows untill the entire floor breaks up into chunks. A small boy who was with his family begins to fall in the water so I pull him onto my chunk of ice, know our stomachs, about the size of a door. He falls in, I pull him back on, causing me to fall off. I get back on. Then it ends. Next I remember I'm with a Gardener of some sort