Second Lucid Dream

Date: 3/15/2017

By LionFoot65

The night before I did the MILD technique by repeating to myself these three phrases: "I WILL know when I am dreaming", "I know when I am dreaming" and "This is what it's like when I'm dreaming" whenever I started seeing hypnogogic imagery. Btw this is the first night that I've done this technique which I got from SpaceTimeBadass on YouTube and I highly recommend checking him out 👌💯. I forgot most of what happened when I was lucid which kinda sucks but I do remember that I was lucid for a good while like maybe 3-4 minutes in dream time compared to 30 seconds the first time I had a lucid dream that I can actually remember. I think it started with with me being in a room with lots of characters and creatures and I realized that I was in a dream without doing any reality checks which is weird because the first time I got lucid I didn't use any reality checks either lol. When I became lucid I remembered that it was a good idea to constantly tell myself that I was dreaming I think its why I stayed lucid for a while. I also remember that I was playing dodgeball for some reason and that when I saw my English teacher, Mr. Crawfish (his real name is Mr. Crawford) I jumped up really high into the air, did a front flip away from Mr. Crawfish, and slowed time down just enough while I was upside down so that I could peg him in the head hard enough to make him angry because IRL I honestly think he's such a fucking immature moron who's wasting his life and mine not teaching shit but believing that he is while making me do busy work lol. Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn't have been so harsh to him in my dream or here because a lot of teachers are stupid like him and because the school system is set up to make idiots out of both teachers and students. But I digress lol. I also remember that there was this one animal that looked like a mix between a cat and a dog, was large and brown and had a really weird messed up face like a person but not really. After I stopped being lucid I was with one of my best friends and talking about lucid dreaming and how I should have tried to have sex while I was still in the lucid state. The last thing that I remember was that I was that I was in this history class and I was watching the evolution of Russian leaders like Stalin and his clown friends. I woke up after that.