Throbbing cock

Date: 3/10/2019

By amandaaaah

So I was at my school in the room before the breezeway and instead of the hall it was like a lounge room with a conch and stuff it looked like the resident room in greys anatomy. I was with this guy and my friends and all if a sudden a fight breaks out so everything goes black and it stopped and I noticed my phone was gone so I asked the guy to call me I noticed that my name on his phone was a ❤️ so I thought nothing of it and found my phone. So we sit at a table and he’s close to me and all of a sudden he hugs me and just holds me and I notice he got a boner through his sweat pants and oooooo hunny he is tall and has big hands and just wow so when he’s holding me I OBVIOUSLY FEEL IT ON ME so I was like woahhhh and like things escalate and he’s like kissing me and I’m honestly enjoying it SIS LMAOOO💀 and then it goes up MORE and now we’re In the room doing it and fam I know it was a dream but IT FELT GOOD SO GOOD LMAO AMAZING💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 1827272/10 would want this to happen again