Digital art, Generate an image of a teenage girl wearing a moon-shaped necklace, surrounded by a group of witches and holding hands with a group of DnD playing nerds and pilgrims, as they work together to hold back an ancient evil and build up their powers at an outdoor festival with fire breathers and live music, all while maintaining a balance between teenage romance and the serious responsibility of their birthright.

The witches

Date: 7/5/2017

By kittykatdreamer94

I am a. On religious person and Wicca and pagan beliefs always interested me and I often have dreams about being a witch discovering her powers willow style haha but this dream I just had was very different it started out very hazy like I was watching a memory rather then a dream that I was part of a powerful coven of witches and I was hidden away one day in the woods and was given this necklace of a moon shape and no one ever came back for me I got lost wondering in the woods and I finally made it back to home and there where cop cars everywhere and it had turned out that my family (coven) was brutally murdered in an apparent murder suicide by a small group of right wing mega christians and I got taken away and sent to live with my great aunt and her partner well I woke up in the dream and it was many years later and I had a clock radio blasting nine inch nails and I was running late for school so I hurried up and did the morning routine got dressed eye liner brushed hair put on my moon necklace and grabbed a breakfast bar I ended up at school and met up with my friends and we're heading to class when suddenly everything stopped and moved around us and only 3 groups of people were left there in the school a group of DnD playing nerds my friends and pilgrims? Maybe Amish it was hard to tell I freaked and ran out of the building but the school had moved and we were in this giant out door festival with fire breathers and people doing some really crazy stuff and nine inch nails were playing as well as a bunch of other bands throughout the dream and my aunt came up to me and wished me a happy birthday and welcomed everyone and told me what was happening which was now that it's my 18th birthday I can see and do things I normally couldn't because of my birth right and that some how at least one person from each of these groups had another person coming into power that's why all three groups were frozen and brought there and that we had to work together to hold back an ancient evil who is hell bent on sucking out our souls to make its self more powerful and that's what the festival was for to build up our powers and teach us things but s cool thing was in my dream my boyfriend at the time which is my husband irl was totally cool with this and he had planned a special night for us in the theater where we would finally give our selfs over over to each other so that happened very romanticly we had the prop bed and roses scattered everywhere and candles everywhere it was magical so once we were finished there we headed back out and I had to leave to start my training up with a cousin who had 4 kids and was pregnant with her 5th she was a fertility witch and had the power to tell a lot about you sexually and about if your pregnant and things of that nature being that I had only had sex for the first time a couple months ago I wasn't worried about her finding out anything so she started my training and I figured out that I am much more powerful then any of the others and that I didn't need much in the way of training just teaching the history and about my family and how to chant and gain energy from things and one day about 3 weeks into my training we started channeling and working on spirit walking and for some reason it was making me very tired and dizzy and I stood up in the hall outside the room where we were and she said "that's funny I have trouble with that too but only when I'm pregnant" and as soon as she said that I made a mad dash to the bathroom and threw up what looked like oatmeal she said " no way" your pregnant! I was like no I'm not just got a stomach bug or something she layed her hand flat on my belly and said nope you are definitely pregnant then I passed out over the toilet and when I woke up my boyfriend was sitting next to me and told me I had been asleep for almost three days and that everyone was acting really strangely around him since he had been there and that he hadn't left my side much I leaned up and I told him what my cousin said to me and he was kinda freaked at first but then he was pretty cool with it he said that fighting the beast though that could be dangerous in my condition and I told him I'd be fine next thing I remember is we all split into groups and started chanting and doing a spell to keep the beast trapped and it worked but one of the nerds ended up being killed but some how I fainted after we finished and this sort of dark presence took me over and my eyes clouded over in black then I woke up and what was freaky about that was I woke up feeling very drained and I had a decent sized nose bleed. I've never had anything like that happen and it was such a strange dream especially since I'm definitely not pregnant nor will I be any time soon I'm also not a witch and I know that the kind of "Magic" in my dream was only real on tv shows and that that isn't how it works at all it was just really strange for me to dream something then get a nose bleed.