Apocalyptic Biology Test

Date: 4/7/2019

By leOneironaut

At the school I was having this biology test. I knew some of the students, the feeling I had when seeing they leave made me desperate to do the same, so I hurried up to to finish. I decided it would be interesting to take some photos of my test to show the answers to a friend of mine. Outside, everything was weird and destroyed, there was muscle cars accelerating everywhere. I went to this friend's house to show him my test. His street was narrow and populated by sad looking people. His house looked like a hole full of trash and nobody was home. Going back to school I felt like flying, running so fast I got there in no time. There, the janitor was just as lost as me, things were different, the place was in ruins. He warned me of a green acid falling from the roof but a desperate man showed up asking for help and didn't notice it. That man died grotesquely, he melted, the janitor tried to help but died the same way. Some mutant rodents came out of the many holes on the floor and I could smell the rotten flesh. I ran, but not as fast as before, I could precisely imagine the scenarios beyond me and my next moves to escape.