Date: 3/8/2020

By rembrandt

slept really well last night almost 10 hours. had a dream in 3/4 different parts. first one was scary, i was in mexico and my mom started dancing again. she was driving in a car with her dance teacher and they swerved on the street and got in an accident. her dance teacher was paralyzed now from the neck down. my mom miraculously made it out unscathed, in the passengers seat. i told her she needed to stop doing these things and come back to america already. - another dream i had was something to do with collecting things, i was in my dorm and so were people from my childhood. seanie was there and i think we were dating. i was happy. but at the same time i think we were on a reality show bc people kept following us all around, even when i went to use the bathroom. i nearly went pee in the bathroom and i could feel myself wanting to pee IRL, but i suppressed it and that was it. - i know i had another dream about playing baseball or something. except i think i was my brother in the dream, or i was a boy. first i was on a team with a bunch of mentally challenged kids who wanted to train to win like one of those sappy movies about overcoming challenges. but we were up against a really strong team who didn’t care about letting the underdog win. so we lost in like the first round or something. then i went and joined the good team bc apparently i was a great player.