Realy emma watson?

Date: 1/16/2017

By Zerox7

This is look like a dormitory or something, there is emma watson here in the dormitory, i played game with her, and so she said if  you win you can check on my pussy, i was like wtf? And luckily i won, but i forgot about the reward, then i feel like i wanna take a shower, then emma watson barged in naked, and i was naked too, and i remember about the reward, shes standing naked with her hands raised up high, and i started to plah with her pussy, she seems to enjoyed it, and after a while idk why i said to her that i love her and want to mary her, and she's only smiling and hug me, then we get our towels and get out, and i transported to some kind of house, theres 2 ofmy friends there, one saif we need to go to our basecamp now, but we dont have any vehicle, and we started to run, but  amazingly we are more faster than any car as long we are on the road. And we went to a short cut where we crossing a bunvh of tennis court, and then we realize there is someone behinf us, it is big, bald tall white pale person running to get us, if we got caught he will stomp at us and toyed us. So we run as fast as we can until we arrived at our basecamp, there are a bunch of my middle school friends there, and there is also my childhood crush, and when i sat and talked with one of my middleschool friends my childhood crush came over to us and asked if someonr want to drive her back home, and my friend said while pointing finger at me, why dont you asked your boyfriend here, i was like, what dude? Come on she's married already right? And my friend wishpered me, no its nothing if shes like you she will do it even if she is married, then i stand up and asked her so you wanna go home with me or with othet buddies? She is do shy and she pick other buddies and then i sat down again and im wake up.