Swordmanship training at Elementary School

Date: 2/9/2017

By richilye

I was going to school (it was the schosl that I went to when I was attending during elementary period, I left that school 5/6 years ago). Anyways, the school now was a 2 Floor building. I bell started ringing, and it was time to go to another class. I arrived there and there was a barrel full of swords and alike, but they weren't sharp, so it wouldn't actually cut anyone, they were made out of steel and wood and some other stuff. Everyone picked a weapon up, and I was left out without any weapon, so the teacher came and told that I was gonna use a imaginary sword, and I would have to notice when my sword miss the opponent, as when it hits their sword or hits then, they also would have to notice where my sword was and try countering it, It was like a special training. Then it started, it was a big empty room, with stairs to the 2nd floor, and lots of people started fighting each other. I managed to do well with my nom-existent sword, most people couldn't keep track of my sword, so they wpuld lose quickly, some people managed to repel them, but still lost. Then a tall girl started fighting me, she was good at noticing my sword and keeping track of it, we stood fighting for a big while and then I said "It's so hard to do this like this, I wanna feel the sword, do you mind if I go ask the teacher for one?", then she said "Ok, imma wair for you here so we can continue". The teacher said there was no swrod left still and told me to wait for a bit. Btw, the teacher looked like that teacher from Harry Potter, I forgot her name, it's and old woman who takes care of the plants class, like the Mandrakes. Anyways, a girl picked up my bag and told me to use my ruler instead of a sword, the swords weren't very long either, so a 30cm ruler would do fine, but it wasn't allowed, most 'cause my ruler is very sharp, so I couldn't use it. (The ruler I used in school was a metal one, it was sturdy and sharp, I used that for protection too, but never actually needed to use it ☺) The girl who I was fighting before was now fighting a girl who left her sword and went to try the invisible sword technique, then I picked her sword up and waited for my turn, the girl without the sword lost, then I went there to continue our fight. The dream changed to the next day or week, and now the girl compained that it was gonna be in teams, and our team got barbariam weapons while the other team had the swords and cool stuff. DREAM ENDED.