Sleep paralysis

Date: 3/4/2019

By naya

First dream I was really stressed out in high school so I went to shop for tanks, yes. The ones they use in war. I got the biggest one there and brought it to school. There was a cat presentation in the gym where this woman (her name is kitten lady on YouTube and she rescues the cutest little kittens and cats) was showing us a mother cat and her kittens and probably explaining how she saved them. I didn't care I had a big fat gun. I aimed it at a little kitten and shot. Crazy violent right, I would never do that in real life but the weirdest part is that I woke up with scratches on my face!! 3 cat looking scratches. I didn't even know till my mom pointed it out and she asked if our own cat scratched me and I told her about my dream and now we're both bamboozled. Second dream I can't remember the actually dreaming part but I remember when I actually "wake up", or the sleep paralysis part. So this is me waking up probably around 2am. So I wake up from my dream and I see a bunch of screams (like the ghost masks) floating above my face and fake screaming. Like they'd open their mouth really big and kind of taunt me like they're going to scream in my face. I know I'm having paralysis right away and try really hard to move. I couldn't for a while but I remember it ending pretty quickly. I couldn't sleep for an hour after because I was scared it would happen again but I ended up sleeping again and all was good. This is only my second time having paralysis and it was a bit scarier than the first time. The first time was a bunch of gooey purple bubbles on my ceiling getting bigger and bigger and closer and closer to my face. This one was straight up ghost in my face taunting me, it felt more personal lol