Sushi and Lana del Rey

Date: 7/1/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

We had to go to a sushi place with my friends. We were going to this place which was called "Neko" like a real place in my city but was really different. It had a small entrance and an old sign. We entered the place risking death because on that street cars would run like crazy. The place was really small inside. It looked more like a fast food than a sushi place. People were already sitting so I found a place and I sit too. Other people entered and with them there were some naked women. Together with them there was Lana del Rey. She was wearing a gray shirt that let her breast out a little bit on the sides. She would laugh at my friend's jokes though she didn't understand a word (we're italian) so I translated and explained her the jokes when she asked me. Then it's really confused. I talk with all the women and we laugh, I think we also get drunk. I don't know...