A Murder (Compile Dream)

Date: 6/3/2017

By jonathanpecany100

This dream had some people from my school, scream, a minecraft map, undertale - Sans ability to go to different timelines, and creepy pasta ".exe ". I created a new word for this but it is a rare dream so here it goes, I was in a bunch of timelines in the beginning and a student named "Cameron" was in a scream costume trying to kill me and something happened where a split into me and .exe me but I lost him so nothing to worry about him but Cameron killed my family and animals a couple of time but I was traveling through time lines until I was in a perfect time line. but some other weird things happen like this dream was a game. but anyways, Cameron had a girlfriend name Jordyn and she broke up with him in my dream not real life. He got angry more and wrecked people's yard and wanted to kill me more with his knive. Tried telling my mom and dad to call the "FBI" but they didn't. While this one girl asked to me to come inside her womb and I'll be safe in there.