Date: 5/12/2017

By onemanmoshpit16

Okay it started out that I was a lost kid in the middle of a war zone. A nice soldier found me and took me home. He took me to s village and raised me on his own. He taught me how to fight for myself. I had no idea where I came from for who I was. We got to a certain point where he needed to know what kind of person I was. So we went out to see if I'm a fighter. Or someone that stays in the village and does work. While we were out we were attacked by a dragon. He tried to fight the dragon to protect me but I walked right up to it and saw it was already badly wounded and it was hold a single egg. I could tell that the dragon was about to day. I I rest my head against the the dragons forehead AND I COULD FUCKING TALK TO IT THAT WAY AND IT TALKED BACK. The dragon told me that it's nest was attacked but she managed to save her only egg. She gave me the egg and told me to care for it. She then few off. Went home and I cared for that egg till it hatched. When it did the little dragon became my best friend. My dream skipped forward to my 20 birthday. I was out riding in my dragon who is now fully grown. I named him Trico. It's been some years since the man that took me in passed away and when he did I left the college I was raised at to find my true self. I did small jobs for the king to earn some money for food. One day the king had a challenge for me and the villagers. We had to go to a rival kingdom and take something. I rode upon my dragon to the next kingdom. It was odd being there. I felt like I've been there before but I have no memories of this place. I snuck into the castle with my dragon on my shoulder since he could change his size. As I'm in the castle I saw a huge picture of me when I was a kid. I saw a woman in front crying. A man came and comfort her. I left the castle and walked around the kingdom to think. A few days passed and the kingdom was attacked. The king was killed and the queen was dying when I went to see what was going on. I went to help the queen and she looked at me and started crying. She kept saying "my daughter you've come home". In shock I cried to. I found my original home and the place I was raised killed my parents. The queen told me that I'm now in charge of the kingdom. So I go in and change my clothes into something more suitable to fight so I can go to war and fight for my home. Then my dragon ended as I was in my dragon flying towards the place I was raised.