I'm a Ghost

Date: 4/14/2017

By choirchibi

Some of my friends invited to go with the to another state for vacation. We went to this water park that was tilted. So it was a ginormous pool with big water slides, but slanted, so the pool was a water slide, too. Me and the others were in the slanted pool, going with the current, but we were going at a very very fast pace, almost as if we were falling. My fear was that I would hit the far edge of the pool and hurt myself. It went dark. Then I became conscious outside this building with people going in and out. I felt very very tired and must've been somewhat asleep because I didn't want to wake up. But because there were a ton of people walking around, I didn't want to worry them. So I sat up, still groggy, and my eyes were still a bit closed. I began hearing people gasping in my direction. I heard one person exclaim "Is that a girl?!" I opened my eyes, seeing people rush to me, some were pulling out there cell phones to call 911. I inspected myself. I saw on my hand was a bloody bruise. In fact, my whole body was covered in bloody bruises. And I had the urge to throw up bloody chunks. I grabbed someone's ankle, but they didn't acknowledge it. I was fully standing, and no one seemed to notice me. Once the officer arrived, he exclaimed "Oh my god, she's gone!" There were some moments where I had a piece of paper that was reminiscent of a reciet, but to get ride of it, I'd put it in my mouth, and cough it up, and it would be all bloody. I also saw myself wandering around this hotel lobby.