Chilling with Aleks (immortalHD)

Date: 6/26/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was in the mall with Desiree and there were these cupcakes that tasted amazing. Desiree was in a Christian store and I was walking around exploring. There was a clothing store that had really cute fuzzy pants and I was about to get them but then I found out some lady had died and she loved those pants too. Then the store owner kept telling me and the coworker about her and she showed us a really sad movie and I was hysterically crying because it was too sad. Then later I was in a big room and I was filling my cup up with some weird lemonade. And I saw Aleks! I was like hey and we started having a normal conversation. And I told him about my YouTube channel and he told me that I'm doing really good and we talked about cowchop and yah Aleks is a really cool dude.