The Opinion of Others Presents: How Much is that Concept in the Window?

Date: 3/26/2017

By Fitful

I was just moved into my apartment perhaps, and I noticed a window, I learned out mine and right beside it, to the left, was a guy in a red window with bars. I made the mistake of talking to him, a friend had warned me of this but I didn't listen, and after a few words he decided he loved me and was going to come over. I would have to have sex with him from now on because I talked to him that first time. Guy had a beard and scruffy hair, all auburn, and this hillbilly vibe. I looked at my my friend, suddenly she was in the next window past his, which almost looked into mine. She saw what had happened and she climbed out her window into his and had sex with him for me. I was really grateful. I didn't exactly think I deserved that from her, however, because we were supposed to be estranged. ---- I was with a bunch of girls. We were part of a class, getting schooled by a fit woman. Everyone wore white. And we ran track, and did what she said. But as she was talking I reached up my hand to interject something I had learned. It was about toothpaste, and how there was a brand of toothpaste which did all this for you, made you fit. It literally made the lesson obsolete. She grew surprised and a bit dazed and wondered off to get us toothpaste samples. Then we found out she was suicidal because she didn't feel worth anything, my information derailed her lesson, and teaching was her life purpose. We tried to cheer her up, but she just willed her self to die. ---- I'm with a mob of people, and we're storming the castle. Except the castle is an office building and the king is up there somewhere. We have a AI who is helping us named Bob. He's mine, like a computer would belong to someone, and he' sounds super gay. He is helping us get around the computer security system. But he is loyal to the king, secretly, and alerts security instead. ---- I put on a shirt I don't often wear to bed and someone was commenting on it. Asked me what the symbols meant. I was a little embarrassed to be wearing it because it's not very Gothic. --- The next dream is conceptual. I am building a glowing dam to hold back water. It's made of glass blocks and glowing bricks. But the dream is really about two people, completely equal, to are of opposing philosophys. The Christian and the Practitioner of Witchcraft. I believe both are myself. Well the Witch doesn't even call herself a witch, but does practice witchcraft and see it in the same light as the Christian sees her religion. Both interpret the religion with the same love and respect and heartfelt regard. The Christian is persecuting the witchcraft practiitioner and the building of this glowing dam is the way to hold her at bay. The dream dances back and forth between two perspectives, and what is interesting is while in each perspective I feel the same. The same love and self and conviction. There is no difference between either, they just see the difference. The Christian is more offended and, while feeling violated, violates the other's way, the witchcraft practitioner is completely unperturbed but does feel emotionally sad.